Our sourcing company in Singapore will help you reach your manufacturing and production targets in Asia.

Manufacturing in Singapore will allow you to adopt a low-cost policy and high profits strategy.
Yet without the time and experience, as well as the local contacts, finding the right suppliers and producers cab turn out to be tricky.

Subcontracting abroad

Manufacturing abroad is a difficult process especially when you are not around. Choosing a manufacturing plant, negotiating , checking quality, making models, managing logistics can prove a real hassle.

Many obstacles may come up due to a lack of knowledge of work regulations, local business practices and language issues. An accurate knowledge of the Law and local practices enable you to settle quickly as well as efficiently.

Job procurement in Asia

Target one means a tailored solution for you with an intermediary who will take care of all the difficulties you may encounter when manufacturing goods.
Whatever your field is ( textile, manufactured commodities, parts- Target one will see to your needs in all the different steps of manufacturing and subcontracting in Singapore, while answering your needs for skilled, low-cost workforce.