About Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is made up of the main island and some 54 islets. The focus of living and activity is on Singapore Island itself, which has a total land area of approximately 650km². The island measures about 42km from east to west and about 23km from north to south.
This island is very densely urbanised, but its luxuriant vegetation throughout the city has given Singapore its name, the city of gardens. The equatorial climate, uniformly warm and stormy all year round ensures the abundance of greenery.
Singapore is known all over the world and often referenced for its extraordinary economic success. Since its independence in 1965, Singapore has become one of the most prosperous and developed countries of the world, despite the very few natural resources and challenges of a multi-ethnical society.

What to do in SINGAPORE ?

During your visit in Singapore, you can take advantage of urban leisure activities such as great shopping, visiting the historical heritage, nightclubs, bars and all of the entertainment that you would find in any western capital.
You can also enjoy nature at the Bukit Timah natural reserve, or at the zoo famous for its night-safaris, go to the butterflies park or visit the small islands. The island of Sentosa attracts numerous visitors who come and enjoy the sea and water sports.
There are also casinos, which might steal second place in terms of turnover this year from Las Vegas, just behind Macao.

Business in SINGAPORE

Along with South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong-Kong, Singapore is one of the four «dragons» of Asia thanks to their rapidly expanding economy since 1980s.
Singapore has a prosperous and modern economy, known to be business-friendly and corruption free.
Singapore’s GDP is the third in the world after Qatar and Luxemburg.
In 2010, it reached 50 000 $US, up 14% in comparison with the year before, when France’s GDP is 34 000 $US, ranking 24th in the world.
Its economy rests on banking and financial services (the second financial center of Asia after Japan), trade, port facilities (the second largest port of the world behind Shanghai tonnage), but also tourism, shipyards and oil refining.


Singapore is the most conducive country for doing business. In its annual ranking of the best countries for doing business, the World Bank named Singapore top of the list for the past five years.
The organisation compared 183 countries. The praises go to Singapore in which it’s good to work and do business. France being at the 38th position.
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