It is commonly thought that Asia offers opportunities mainly for the manufacturing and imports of goods. Yet Asia can also turn out to be an Eldorado for your exports.

Conquering Asian markets

The recent emergence of an actual consumer society has created a huge pool of consumers in the Asian market and unique sales and exports opportunities.
French products enjoy a very high quality image that is well-known and recognized for its culture and savoir-faire. Your products are highly valued in Asia. This is an ideal opportunity to develop your business activities abroad and conquer new markets.
However, investing on another continent requires a perfect knowledge and experience of local business practices and prior experience and study of your potential business targets.

Selling in Asia

Whether you wish to become a major player in the crafts trade, industry or services sector, you will need thorough knowledge of local sales channels to export successfully on the international scale.
Being established in Singapore, Target one will facilitate your trade relations by putting you in touch with the right local intermediaries who will sell your goods on the best possible terms.